Food Grade Plastic Family



Environmentally sensitive and highly regulated, the food production and packaging sectors require specific solutions. Quadrant's portfolio of materials developed for food contact, including a comprehensive "Food Grade" family, aim to reduce maintenance costs and increase productivity while keeping consumer and employee safety at the forefront.


Quadrant's food compliant materials—FDA, CFIA, NSF, USDA, 3A-SSI, and EU STD certified—provide improved productivity and product lifetime through reduced friction and wear. Self-lubricating formulations lower maintenance costs and lower the risk of lubrication contamination.


Quadrant's 3-WAY detectable plastics portfolio includes a core group of compliant materials designed to increase up-time and throughput in today's food handling, manipulation, and processing environments. These materials are blue in color, X-ray detectable, metal detectable, and visually detectable. Durable and stable, field tests prove Quadrant materials have superior performance in extreme environments.


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