Foot Mount Catalog - Advanced Antivibration Components


Finding the right machine mounts for your application has become easier  with the publication of a 192-page new products catalog “Foot Mounts  Catalog V120” by Advanced Antivibration Components - AAC. Among the over  4,000 components in this catalog are inch and metric polyamide bases,  stainless steel bases, and steel bases. In addition, there are sections  on metric miniature foot mounts and antivibration foot mounts. They are  used to level all types of machinery and other products. The catalog  makes it easy to select the proper leveling mounts for your application.  

AAC clearly identifies thread sizes in the catalog along with many other  dimensions and features such as mounts with fixed screws or angular  articulating types ranging from 5°, 10°, or 30°. Most of these leveling  mounts are available in a nonslip version. All mounts in the catalog  show a full color photograph, a dimensioned drawing plus materials used,  operating temperature ranges, as well as suggested applications.  Of special interest is a complete line of 299 USDA approved leveling  mounts identified as Teknoclean mounts which are ideal for food and  pharmaceutical machinery applications. These stainless steel mounts are  corrosion and chemical resistant. 

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