Force Cartridge


Advanced Machine & Engineering Co. announces the new Amforce™ Force Cartridge. The Amforce™ is designed to apply constant clamping force in applications for fixtures, tools and pallets to hold parts and components when pressure lines are disconnected. 

High quality heavy-duty disk springs are used to produce a high pull force on the clamp arms.  Hydraulic pressure is used only to unclamp the work piece; therefore, hydraulic failure has no effect on the workholding capability and power-off clamping is guaranteed.  

The Amforce™ power-off Cartridges are offered in 3 types, with 5 different clamping forces. 

  • Excellent clamp for pallets where hydraulic pressure line must be disconnected.
  • Power-off clamping holds part securely in case of power failure.
  • Rigid, oversized construction guarantees long life.
  • Wide variety of mounting styles, sizes and clamp arms available.
  • Tapped hole on end of rod allows for attaching custom components for retrofit applications.


  • applies constant clamping force
  • heavy-duty disk springs
  • offered in 3 types
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