Forklift Anti-Collision System


ELOshield is an ultra-wideband warning system that helps prevent industrial truck accidents, improving safety for both equipment and workers in material handling operations. A fixed-site version monitors accident-prone areas, such as high-traffic aisle intersections, while a mobile version monitors zones of up to 50 ft around moving vehicles. When an industrial truck gets too close to a floor worker or another vehicle, ELOshield warns both the pedestrian and the driver with a combination of audible, visual and vibration alerts. The system also automatically slows the truck down to “creep speed” and, if desired, stops the truck. A mobile version monitors “danger zones” of up to 25 meters around moving vehicles (both vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-person). These zones can be flexibly programmed by vehicle, based on operating needs, as circles, symmetrical rectangles, or asymmetrical polygons.


The system’s ability to customize object-detection zones around mobile equipment is unique. Zones can be programmed, by vehicle, as circles, symmetrical rectangles or asymmetrical polygons. Two different proximity zones, representing “warning” and “danger” risk levels, can trigger different system reactions.



  • Safe pedestrian protection in hazardous areas
  • Maximum flexibility
  • Customised Zones for best protection
  • Safer and more efficient material handling operations
  • Protection of up to 500 employees
  • Detection range up to 25 meters
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