Four New CCD Cameras Offer Twice the Frame Rate at Full Resolution


JAI today announced the release of four new digital progressive scan CCD cameras: CM-140 MCL, CB-140 MCL, CM-200 MCL and CB-200 MCL. The cameras are digital Mini Camera Link (Mini-CL) versions of JAI’s very popular analog CV-A1 and CV-A2 cameras, used worldwide in machine vision applications and other demanding applications where vision technology is an integrated part of a product, process or service.

By implementing the Mini-CL interface standard, the camera housing is kept at the same compact 29mm x 44mm x 66mm size (H x W x L) as the CV-A1 and CV-A2 analog cameras. This means that machine vision systems today using analog cameras can easily switch (drop-in replacements) to Mini-CL, taking advantage of digital interfacing. In addition, thanks to the common housing size, there is no need for time consuming and costly mechanical/optical re-design.

With a 1.45 megapixel resolution (1/2" SXGA), the CM-140 MCL/CB-140 MCL cameras operate at a maximum 31 frames/second, while the CM-200 MCL/CB-200 MCL have a 2 megapixel resolution (1/1.8" UXGA) and operate at a maximum 25 frames/second. This performance represents nearly twice the frame rate of most other similar offerings on the market. Thanks to JAI’s advanced analog front end circuit design, this high frame is achievable at full resolution without sacrificing image quality.

Both Monochrome (CM-variants) and Bayer Mosaic Color (CB-variant) versions are available, allowing designers to switch easily between monochrome and color as required by the application.

The new cameras are suitable for a range of vision applications including automotive inspection, pharmaceutical inspection, food and beverage production and inspection of electronic components. The auto-iris function also makes the cameras ideal for outdoor applications, as they can cope with a wide range of light levels.

All four new cameras can be ordered with PoCL (Power over Camera Link), which is now supported by the Camera Link specification. With the PoCL standard there is no need for a separate power supply giving a clean one-connector solution. There is no additional charge when ordering PoCL
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