FR Control Garments


National Safety Apparel’s ultra-unique, lightweight shirts have received an upgrade. The all-new FR Control 2.0 garments are here. The first version of the FR Control shirts feature body temperature regulating Outlast® technology – a woven-in fabric that absorbs and stores excess body heat, then releases it when outside temperatures decrease. The result is an article of clothing that actively keeps its wearer at the ideal comfort zone – all while protecting from arc flash up to 3.6 cal/cm². In May, the FR Control 2.0 made its debut.  

The newest version features a beefed up 4.0 cal/cm² rating – high enough to reach Hazard Risk Category 1. It’s also infused with Spandex®, providing a stretchier and customized fit.  The color has changed from khaki to a stylish navy blue.  The shirt is available in long and short sleeve styles, and a brand new balaclava is available for head and neck protection.  Whereas most balaclavas are stiff and hot, this revolutionary head protection will be perfect for wearing under an arc flash helmet and face shield to keep the head cool.


  • protects from arc flash
  • infused with Spandex®

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