Free CAD design service offered with expanded line of clamp together duct for mists, fumes, trim scrap and dusts


February 2007 – Kirk & Blum's expanded line of clamp-together duct is designed for quick installation and easy system modification, and now supported with free 3-D design software to ensure system performance and easy installation. Assembled with the lifetime-guaranteed Forever Clamp, the duct is available in galvanized or stainless steel in one-inch diameter increments from 3" to 24" with accessories such as in-line mist accumulators, industrial-grade blast gates, swiveling ball joints, sweeps, hoods and all other components required for total system. Clamp-together duct is ideal for virtually any negative-pressure ventilation system up to 40" water gauge with entrained dust, sand, fumes, mist, smoke, chips, trim scrap, etc. Higher pressures can be accommodated on request.

Clamp-Together duct ranges from 24 gauge to optional 10 gauge thickness in galvanized and stainless steel with numerous options, including FDA-approved gaskets and seam seals for food applications or ground-and-buffed interior welds and seams for stranded or stringy materials. The rolled lip on the duct and fittings acts as a stiffening ring to enable Clamp-Together duct to withstand much higher pressures than spiral or standard rolled duct.

The lifetime-guaranteed Forever Clamp is made of stainless steel and fitted with a winged O-ring gasket made of N-butyl rubber that resists most chemicals and oils and is suitable for temperatures to 250°F. Other gasket materials include red silicon, Viton, and Gore-Tex®.

Adjustable sleeves and components make field fitting to any length possible. Nominal 5' lengths of duct have a rolled lip on each end, which can be cut down and slid into the sleeve or fitting and secured with an O-ring and Forever-Clamp. Various hanging systems are available, including K&B's K-wick cable system, which is 70% faster than using threaded rod, conduit or saddles.

K&B Duct can provide free 3-D design, working from simple hand sketches. A project inventory of all standard and special parts is then developed. At the customer's request and for no additional cost, components are boxed and marked with sections/segments packed together for efficient staging at the job site.
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