Free Software Simplifies Sizing and Selection of Hydraulic Accumulators


Parker Hannifin’s Hydraulic Accumulator Division announces the release of the latest version of its inPHorm sizing and selection software. This sophisticated software provides a user-friendly format for determining the proper Parker accumulator product for a given application. It minimizes engineering time by eliminating time-consuming calculations and eases the process of sorting through catalog drawings, charts and tables.   The new version of Parker’s inPHorm for Accumulators (Version 3.7) features enhanced application scenarios for entry of additional design parameters. For example, users can now size an accumulator to fit applications with an unlimited number of simultaneous hydraulic system “events,” making inPHorm a great sizing analysis tool for complex circuits. 


* Phosphate-ester-based fluids and hydrocarbon-based (MIL-PERF-87257, 83282, 5606) operating fluids * Conform to specifications MIL-A-5498, MIL-A-8897 and MS28797 * Qualified for operating pressure up to 5000 psi (345 bar) * Qualified for temperature up to 400°F * Polymer guides minimize piston friction and wear * Many accumulators were tested to customer specifications that exceed military specifications for endurance, impulse, and vibration

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