Frictionless Chiller - AEC


Instead of standard lubricated bearings, RTCW frictionless chiller features a digitally controlled magnetic bearing system, consisting of both permanent magnets and electromagnets. A frictionless compressor shaft is the compressor’s only moving part. Chiller offers increased energy efficiency (up to 35%), elimination of oil and oil-bearing parts, and reduced vibration and noise with sound levels as low as 77 dBA. Use of R-134A refrigerant results in zero ODP (ozone depletion potential).


• kW/ton = 12 EER • 150 Ton Chiller At Full Load • Screw Chiller = 108 kW • Frictionless Chiller = 84 kW • Savings per hour = 24 kW • Energy cost @ 10¢ • 24/7 operation - saves
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