FRLs Boast Industry's Highest Flow Rates in Small Port Sizes


Series 651 filter, regulator, and lubricators broadens the high flow-rate Series 650 family to include products with1/8-in. and ¼-in. port sizes.

The 651 Series' extended high- and low-temperature capabilities (-40°C to 80° C) permit its application across a broad range of operating conditions, including those with harsh environments. The modular FRL products feature robust construction and are easy to assemble, mount, and position. New manifold endplate flanges allow a maintenance technician to pull the manifold assembly out of service without disconnecting the piping. Front-facing, low-profile gauges are easy to read, and the 651 Series is the only product of its type that comes with these gauges on its shut-off isolation valves and slow-start/quick exhaust valves.



  • 1/8 and 1/4-in. port sizes
  • fit in compact applications
  • –40 to 80°C capability
  • operate in broad range of operating conditions

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Good Design for get ISO 1 Air quality