MicroCentric Corp. announces a new line of high precision front actuated through hole air chucks. The FA series chucks feature a stationary air distributor ring, incorporating special profile seals and locking check valves to maintain air pressure while the chuck is rotating. Standard repeating accuracy of the FA series chucks is .0001” (0.002mm) TIR. In addition, FA series chucks are available with the patented MicroCentric QC precision jaw locating system. The unique QC system maintains .0002” (0.005mm) maximum workpiece runout after jaw change without remachining top jaws. The QC system also enables the interchangability of finished machined jaws between different chucks and still maintains maximum workpiece runout within .0008” (0.02mm).

FA series chucks are available in 3 and 2 jaw configurations in the following sizes:
 ? 6.00”(150mm) diameter with 1.33” (34mm) through hole
 ? 8.00” (200mm) diameter with 2.00” (51mm) through hole
 ? 10.00” (250mm) diameter with 3.00” (77mm) through hole

Workholding is a critical factor in the overall quality of a machined workpieces. MicroCentric precision chucks are designed and manufactured for machining operations such as turning, grinding, and rotary table applications requiring close dimensional tolerances, concentricity, squareness, and parallelism. MicroCentric precision chucks are also used in inspections applications. Clamping force is adjusted by regulating the input air pressure to enable thin walled parts to be clamped with minimal distortion.


• Size - 250 mm • Weight - 31 kg • Accuracy - 0012 mm
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