Front-End Power Supplies


TDK-Lambda has launched a new line 1600W front-end power supplies for use in distributed, hot-pluggable and redundant power systems.  The HFE1600 series operate off a universal AC input of from 85 to 265VAC, with active PFC, and provides a well regulated DC output of 12V, 24V or 48V.

Operating efficiencies of up to 92% are typical.  With the 19-inch rack-mount enclosure as many as five (5) supplies can be paralleled with automatic load-sharing to provide up to 7600W of output power. A popular option is an integral MCU in each supply that allows for remote programming, monitoring and status reporting via an isolated I2C and PMBus interface. And, an “energy-saving” feature of the I2C/PMBus interface is that rack-mounted HFE1600 supplies can be individually turned on or off as the total system load demand varies over time (aka “load-shedding”).  

Key applications for the HFE1600 series include data centers, wireless base stations, industrial automation, telecommunications, RF power amplifiers, network equipment, storage systems and distributed power architectures.

The HFE1600 supplies, each measuring only 1.61”H x 3.35”W x 11.8”L, can be used individually or as many as five (5) can be mounted in an 1U-high 19-inch rack enclosure to form a paralleled connected, load-sharing, hot-swap, N + M redundant 7.6kW power system.  Should a fault occur each supply has an internal ORing MOSFET switch that will automatically disconnect it from the load and the other paralleled supplies. Plus, alarm signals and LED indicators are provided to indentify a faulty unit. For added power, up to two (2) rack-mounted enclosures can be parallel or series connected.

When employing the HFE600-S1U rack-mount enclosure the DC outputs and current-share lines of each plugged-in HFE1600 supply are automatically connected in parallel with the others. In this way, scalable and expandable power is easily achieved, even in the field.  The rack assembly includes two sets of output bus bars, each of which are rated at 200 amps, for a total of 400 amps per rack.

And,  for higher power applications, up to two (2) power racks containing up to ten (10) model HFE1600 supplies can be zero-stacked (no space required between racks) and connected in “parallel” to provide up to 15.2kW of total output power in a compact 2U vertical space. Likewise, up to two (2) rack-mounted sets with five (5) units each can be connected in “series” for higher voltage requirements at up to 15.2kW.

Each HFE1600 supply has two variable-speed cooling fans and can operate in tempera-tures ranging from -10°C to 70°C.  The airflow is directed from the front of each unit to the rear where the I/O connector is located. 


  • provides a well regulated DC output of 12V, 24V or 48V
  • 9-inch rack-mount enclosure
  • “energy-saving” feature
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