Fuel Cell-Powered Industrial Floor Cleaning Machine


Nilfisk-Advance Group introduces the first fuel cell-powered industrial combination sweeper-scrubber. Operating solely on hydrogen, the innovative fuel cell-powered Advance CS7000 provides enhanced efficiency, productivity, reliability, simplified maintenance and 100% indoor emission-free operation—making it an ideal solution for sustainable-driven applications. Featuring dedicated sweeping and scrubbing functions, the Advance CS7000 fuel cell unit provides one-pass cleaning power for enhanced cleaning capabilities. Optional equipment features such as the patented DustGuard£ System, provide users with unlimited flexibility to meet their cleaning challenges. Additional benefits include:   

  • Full operator shift of cleaning time between refuels 
  • Rapid refuel capabilities with no recharge cycle enables 24/7 operation 
  • Simple, two-connection setup for easy fuel cell installation 

 Plug Power Inc., the architect of modern fuel cell technology, manufactures the fuel cell used in the Advance CS7000 sweeper-scrubber. Plug Power revolutionized the industry with its GenDrive® power solutions that increase productivity, lower operating costs and reduce carbon footprints for customers who use their fuel cell products.


  • Operates solely on hydrogen
  • dedicated sweeping and scrubbing functions
  • one-pass cleaning power
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