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*2019 NED Innovation Award Finalist

Numina Group is a recognized leader in design and implementation of warehouse automation and software systems including our voice picking system, RDS Voice.  Our voice picking work force management tool, RDS Voice, is a flexible voice direct and voice inspection technology. It’s proven to increase order picking and other warehouse work task productivity for manufacturing and distribution order fulfillment activities. RDS Voice Automation Module uses the world’s leading speaker independent voice engine that requires zero operator voice training and operates repeat-free even in the noisiest industrial environments.


RDS Voice scales from 5 to 100’s of users with fast sub-second response time that combines voice commands with bluetooth wireless headsets and hands-free 2D barcode scanning. RDS Voice drives the highest efficiencies and accuracy in picking and order fulfillment, making it the voice picking technology of choice for more than 200,000 worldwide users.


RDS Voice integrates barcode scan validation increasing accuracy to 99.99% in picking, kitting, receiving and replenishment operations. It is simple to use, and fast to deploy with operators trained and productive in minutes.  Our services combine process design improvements and RDS Voice to obtain a rapid return on investment (ROI), with our customers typically gaining productivity of 30-50% with payback often times in less than a year. 

RDS Voice is more than just voice picking, it is a solution that can scale to a complete order fulfillment automation suite, managing process improvements across the entire distribution center.  RDS Voice provides automation in the following areas:

  • Picking Automation – batch, discrete cart picking and pick to conveyor
  • Voice + Hands Free 2D Bar Code Scanning for SKU, Serial and Lot code capture
  • Continuous or Batch Wave Release Order Management
  • Cartonization based on SKU dimensions and weight to pick, pack, and verify directly to the shipping carton
  • Receiving, Replenishment, and Inspection
  • Kitting for assembly and manufacturing
  • Smart Pick Cart™ batch picking with walk path optimization
  • Conveyor Zone Routing for pick to carton/tote applications
  • Pack Area automation with automated in-line carton pack-sheet print, insert, void, and seal
  • Workforce productivity tracking by task and work zones with order progress, labor to order tracking, and productivity reporting


Numina’s RDS Voice is superior voice picking technology that contains a full set of pre-developed automation modules that can combine additional technologies including pick and put to light, automated conveyor systems with intelligent zone routing, high speed sortation, automated packing with in-line scan-weigh-vision capture, and dimensional order inspection. The above automation technologies seamlessly combine with print and apply labeling to automate the entire order fulfillment pack and ship operation.  These automation technologies are all controlled and managed by the scalable RDS Tier 1 Warehouse Control and Execution System, WCS-WES platform.  RDS also includes a complete family of interface toolsets to integrate RDS Voice and any of our order fulfillment automation technologies with your existing WMS or ERP systems including SAP, Oracle, NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics, JDE, IBM I-Series, Highjump, Manhattan, Accellos, Great Plains, JDA, Red Prairie, and all other WMS/ERP systems.


Numina’s Voice Picking System is an advanced speaker independent technology requiring zero voice training. RDS Voice combines hands free scanning validation and wireless headsets to direct operators in picking, pallet building, inspection, and other warehouse activities. It uses advanced natural voice instructions combined with voice and barcode validation to drive the highest productivity and accuracy obtainable in the industry.  RDS Voice™ includes a multitude of benefits including:

  • Virtual or Cloud based server application that uses high performance “Thin Client” voice engine technology.
  • Can be deployed on mobile computers and tablets, using both Microsoft and Android operating systems.
  • The voice logic uses a finite state machine with rules contained within the SQL database for fast and easy editing
  • Pre-developed picking and warehouse automation allows easy integration of RDS Voice™ process improvements with existing or new WMS/ERP systems.
  • Includes RDS labor tracking and productivity reporting module.
  • RDS automated voice picking system includes a robust Labor Tracking Module. It provides the ability to capture, analyze and report individual operator performance across user settable work zone standards.   The Labor Tracking Module can be used to plan daily labor requirements based on order volume, track operator performance to standards, monitor individual and team performance, and provide real time productivity feedback to employees, supervisors, and managers.
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