Full Line Catalog, #32


The L.S. Starrett Company recently introduced its new Full Line Catalog, #32, featuring details on more than 5,000 Starrett products.  The catalog provides details on Starrett’s popular precision measuring tools, metrology equipment, saw blades, granite, jobsite and shop tools, and custom-engineered solutions.

At just over 550 pages, the new, full-color catalog is 9” x 7”, slightly larger than the last version, with proportionately larger and easier-to-read text. Product icons with a color-coded background on outside page edges make it easy to find specific products by simply flipping pages. Three separate indices (alphabetical, Catalog Number and a one-page product summary on the inside back cover) along with a detailed, one-page table of contents opposite the inside front cover provide a variety of ways to get to information quickly.

The back of the catalog has useful reference tables on a variety of topics including English/metric conversions; tap drill sizes for fractional size threads; pitch diameter tables; temperature conversion; standards for sheet and wire gages, and a chart for solving triangles dimensions and angles.
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