“Full-Spectrum” Fluorescent Dye Makes It Easy to Find All Leaks in Large Industrial Equipment


Spectronics Corporation has introduced Spectroline®
OIL-GLO™ 44, a patented, fluorescent leak detection dye that is formulated specifically for large-capacity industrial systems. It is actually a unique “full-spectrum” blend of two different fluorescent dyes — one fluoresces best under ultraviolet light and the other under blue light. As a result, regardless of the type
of inspection lamp used, OIL-GLO 44 will glow brightly to reveal even the smallest and most elusive leaks.

This new dye pinpoints leaks in all oil-circulating systems. It quickly detects leaks
in hydraulic systems, air compressors, cylinders, engines, gearboxes, offset printing presses, milling and injection molding machines, oil coolers, and much more.
OIL-GLO 44 contains over twice the amount of fluorescence power per ounce as
other dyes on the market, so it is extremely cost-effective.

Fluorescent leak detection works like clockwork. Simply add OIL-GLO 44 dye to any
oil-based system and allow it to circulate. Wherever there is a leak, the dye escapes
with the oil and remains at the site of all leaks. When the system is scanned with a
high-intensity ultraviolet or blue light lamp, the dye glows bright yellow-green.
OIL-GLO 44 remains safely in the system until the oil is changed, so regular inspections will detect any future leaks before they can damage the equipment. 

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