Fully & Semi-Automatic Transfer Systems


The TransferLine is based on a flexible, individually adaptable modular system that can handle up to 15 processing stations. The mechanical, pneumatic and electrical interfaces are designed to accommodate quick and simple retrofitting and installation of add-on modules.

Cable fixtures and assembly nests – known as Shuttle and Carrier – handle various functions in the processing of the cable and the connector assembly.

The efficient platforms with standardized stations cover an extremely broad application range, individually customized according to specific production requirements. Processes such as cutting, jacket and conductor stripping, and crimping or welding of loose piece or taped contacts can be carried out.

Other processes include feeding and assembly of connector parts, color recognition and orientation with the Schleuniger camera system, and crimp force and video camera based quality monitoring to name a few.


  • Flexible, individually adaptable modular system
  • Handle up to 15 processing stations
  • Cover an extremely broad application range
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