Furnace/Oven Combo


Model HL82-P24 is a hardening furnace over tempering oven, built as a space saving combination for multipurpose heat treating. The upper hardening chamber heats to 2300°F with 6.5” multilayer insulation throughout the chamber.  Heat is supplied through heavy gauge, coil wound wire elements in easy-to-replace holders on sides, back and door of the furnace. 


The vertical lift, hand-crank operated door provides for smooth operation with a tight seal.  A heavy duty ceramic hearth plate protects floor elements and insulation.  The lower chamber tempering oven heats to a uniform 1200°F with a rear mounted high cfm fan circulating air past the side mounted heating elements. A 16 gauge stainless steel liner forms the work chamber.


Both chambers are controlled with digital time proportioning temperature controllers with timers and alarms. Safety features on this unit include high limit controllers on each chamber which provide auto shut-down in the event of a high temp excursion. Door switches are designed to shut off power and fan, protecting users from electric shock as well as heat hazards. Both chambers are 18” high x 24” wide x 24” long.

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