G Series™


The Gorman-Rupp G Series line of self-priming positive displacement rotary gear pumps is designed to provide performance no other gear pumps can match. Available in Medium-Duty, Heavy-Duty and Extreme duty models.

G Series pumps are versatile enough to handle virtually any pumping application and liquid type. They come in a variety of drive arrangements, including close-coupled, flex coupled, gear reducer and v-belt drive.


Size:  1” (25 mm), 1 ½” (40 mm), 2” (50 mm), 2 ½” (60 mm), 3” (80 mm), 4” (100mm), 5” (125 mm), 6” (150mm)



Max Capacity:  600 GPM (38 lps)



Max Viscosity: 2,000,000 SSU (440,000 cST)



Max Pressure:  300 PSI (20.7 BAR)



Minimum Temperature:  -60 F (-51 C)



Max Temperature: 675 F (357 C)



Materials of Construction:  Cast Iron, Cast Steel and Stainless Steel


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