G-Series Lift Table


These scissor lifts have been designed as an economical solution for light duty industrial applications. Available in four models with 2,000 and 3,000 lb. capacities, the G-Series hydraulic table can improve productivity and reduce injuries by placing loads at ergonomic work height. The heavy duty 1.7 HP motor allows up to 12 cycles per hour on average, with a competitive lift speed and runs on a 115-volt input 15 amp circuit.


There are three key features that set the G-Series lift table apart from the competition; the full perimeter safety bar, the built-in maintenance bar, and the exclusive 1.7 HP lift motor. The full perimeter safety bar stops the table from lowering if it comes in contact with an obstruction. This feature improves safety when the table is used next to machinery, packing tables, workbenches, or other equipment when the table could cause entrapment while lowering. The perimeter safety bar includes built-in Flip Down Bars on each side of the outer scissors arms. These bars are to be lowered while performing maintenance or inspection. The exclusive 1.7 HP motor performs at a competitive lift speed with low amp draw. The high torque low RPM (1,700) lift motor is ETL-rated. This 1.7 HP motor is energy efficient, can run on a standard 15 amp circuit, and also features quiet operation.

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