G2 Commander Grip with Optional USB


OTTO's latest version of the G2 Commander Grip features a USB option. Cast from aluminum alloy, the G2 Commander Grip is a rugged control grip suitable for demanding applications.


The standard G2 Commander Grip offers 9 different faceplate configurations that include pushbutton, toggle, transducer, split trim and Hall Effect switches. Thousands of custom faceplate configurations are possible. The grip body has 10 potential switch location options.


The G2 has been enhanced with a USB option that enumerates as a standard human interface device (HID) joystick. No software drivers are required. The internal USB device supports up to 18 buttons and 8 analog inputs. It is easy to install, however some calibration may be needed. The G2 Commander Grip is suitable for use in military, aerospace and industrial applications.



  • USB output option
  • Standard designs eliminate the need for tooling charges
  • Available as a fixed grip or can be mounted on a joystick
  • Nine standard faceplate configurations
  • Operator presence and trigger options
  • Tested to withstand a 265 lb. load
  • Grip is sealed to IP68S (subject to change based on switch choice)
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