G3 Automatic Door Sensor Provides Reliable Operation and Simple Installation


To eliminate unintentional opening and closing of automatic sliding doors, and the associated loss of energy, BEA introduces the new G3 sensor for pedestrian traffic. The sensor employs Doppler radar and active infrared technology for reliable and safe operation.

Dual technology quickens the sensor’s response time to foot traffic while ensuring safe operation of the door. The G3‘s intelli-Tracking software automatically adapts to weather conditions for increased reliability. In addition, the sensor’s two infrared immunity settings simplify installation and customize door operation to varying applications and weather environments.

ANSI compliant one-way and two-way modes allow operators to switch between motion detection patterns when appropriate, eliminating unwanted detections and saving energy. The sensor’s unidirectional motion technology disregards a portion of parallel traffic and starts the door closing cycle quicker than other technologies.
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