GA VSDS Compressor


The sustainable GA VSDS is an energy efficient compressor that offers up to 60% energy savings. The VSD compressor reduces energy consumption by adjusting the motor speed to the fluctuations in compressed air demand. It has a minimal number of components and features an IE5 ferrite-assisted synchronous reluctance motor. It will be available first in the 30-50 horsepower (22-37 kW) GA oil-injected screw compressor range.


With up to 20% higher free air delivery than a fixed-speed equivalent, users can select a lower horsepower compressor and still get the air they need. The Smart Temperature Control system ensures the compressor operates with an optimal oil temperature at all times. It also comes with Boost Flow Mode, giving users the ability to safely exceed their compressors’ maximum capacity temporarily. Additionally, the compact design and low sound levels allow it to be installed on the production floor.


Connectivity features include its advanced Elektronikon Touch controller, the EQ2i multiple compressor control (integrated as standard), SMARTLINK remote monitoring and analysis, and OPC UA integration for connected production environments.


  • FASR motor
    • The VSDS Ferrite-Assisted Synchronous Reluctance motor is a compressor exclusive: IE5 efficiency and built without rare earth materials.
  • Neos Next
    • The inverter that is crucial in generating up to 60% energy savings and a significantly smaller environmental footprint.
  • Energy recovery
    • Developed in-house, the VSDS energy recovery system gives you additional energy savings by recovering and re-using up to 80% of the heat the compressor produces.
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