Galil Enhances Backlash and Lead Screw Compensation Option with 2-D Error Correction


Rocklin, CA—April 26, 2006—Galil Motion Control, a global leader in motion controllers and drives, has enhanced its Backlash and Leadscrew Compensation option with a two-dimensional (2D) correction algorithm that allows position corrections for 2D systems such as XY tables. In addition to 2D error correction, the Backlash and Leadscrew Compensation option continues to compensate for 1D position error induced by the axis itself such as pitch variations in lead screws.

“The 2D correction feature compensates for errors due to the bowing and misalignment often seen in XY tables which use two ‘stacked’ lead screws. It can also benefit other applications such as gantry systems, or any other system where two axes are coupled together,” said Lisa Wade, VP-Marketing and Sales. “Additionally, 2D error correction is not limited to servo systems. Since the correction value adjusts the commanded position, this feature can also be used with stepper driven axes.”

Galil’s Backlash and Leadscrew Compensation option provides error compensation using linearization tables that adjust the target position based on the commanded position of each axis. Each axis has a table consisting of up to 257 equally spaced entries where the correction values are linearly interpolated between table entries. To compensate for 2D errors, Galil has implemented a second “cross correction” table for each axis, which allows for additional error correction based on the position of another axis. The correction tables are implemented using four commands: CT, CU, CX, and TO, which allow the user to define the correction value, table interval, cross correction axis and table origin, respectively.

About Galil Motion Control

Privately held and profitable for over 80 consecutive quarters, Galil Motion Control, Inc. was founded in 1983 by Jacob Tal and Wayne Baron. Galil became the first company to produce a microprocessor-based servo motor controller without tachometer feedback. Since then, Galil has continued to advance motion control technology and has found industry-leading acceptance with over 350,000 controllers successfully installed worldwide. Various applications include machines for the medical, semiconductor, machine tool, food processing, and textile industries. Recently, Galil has introduced several motion controllers for the Ethernet in addition to the latest generation Accelera controllers designed for ultra high-speed and performance.
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