Gate Valve Lockout Pouch


The Gate Valve Lockout Pouch comes with the Adjustable Gate Valve Lockout and the All Purpose Cable Lockout in a durable nylon carrying case, allowing for easier portability and storage than other lockout kits. The useful kit enhances safety and job efficiency because there is a decreased chance that workers will grab the wrong sized lockout. The two multipurpose lockouts lower equipment costs by replacing the need for many different lockouts.

The Adjustable Gate Valve Lockout replaces the three most commonly used sizes of gate valve “donuts,” easily adjusting to fit valve sizes from 1 inch to 6.5 inches. Made of durable polypropylene, the Adjustable Gate Valve Lockout resists temperatures from -50ºF to 360ºF. It comes with danger labels in English, Spanish, and French.

The All Purpose Cable Lockout secures larger gate valves or two valves with one device. It is made of rugged ISOPLAST™* material for superior chemical and temperature resistance. It comes with an 8-foot vinyl-sheathed steel cable and a built-in cable loop that keeps the cable neatly coiled when stored or carried. Four lock holes in the handle facilitate group lockout, accommodating most padlock shackles and hasps. The All Purpose Cable Lockout’s ergonomic design makes it a cinch to tighten the cable, providing for more security and better protection than chains.

The Gate Valve Lockout Pouch is available with optional Brady padlocks and tags; choose from two Brady safety padlocks and tags or two Brady steel padlocks and tags.
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