Gear Deburring with CNC Automation


The Helios TM 200-R3 gear deburring machine is perfect for job shops with gears up to 7.8-in. in diameter, as it features CNC automatic loading/unloading to/from flexible carousel-type magazines. The TM 200-R3 uses 4 work stations with cutoff wheels, high-speed end mills, and/or brushes to produce finished parts approximately every 20 (3-in. diameter parts) to 55 seconds (7.8-in. diameter parts). The dual rotary magazines each comprise 8 easily adjustable towers. Each tower can hold parts up to 17.7-in. high. This allows the machine to deburr unattended for hours.


The TM 200-R3 is designed for easy setups and adjustments; changeovers can be completed in under 30 minutes, which minimizes machine idle time. With complete control of tool pressures, speeds, and positions, a wide variety of components can be processed.

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