General-Purpose Metal Photoeye


PR-G Series is a revolutionary new approach to self-contained photoeyes. KEYENCE prides itself on providing lasting solutions for the industrial automation industry, and has done it again with the introduction of a new line of general-purpose metal photoeyes. The PR-G Series is dedicated to fulfilling three main focuses: durability, high power, and ease of use. 

DURABILITY: In general, most photoeyes are made out of a resin material and are highly susceptible to damage due to impact, over tightening, or environmental effects. Sensor damage leads to increased costs due to downtime and replacement, and is all too common in industrial environments. By introducing a heavy duty metal body, the PR-G Series greatly decreases the amount of valuable time lost due to sensor damage. The durable body is highly resistant to oils, acids and alkaline detergents while maintaining both IP68 and IP69K enclosure ratings to negate the effects of harsh environments. 

HIGH POWER: To maintain stable detection in harsh environments, the PR-G Series has implemented powerful light sources and increased its gain. These two factors enable the PR-G Series sensors to blast through dirt, oil, and other forms of build-up to ensure reliable detection. These features combine to generate a maximum thrubeam detecting distance of up to 30m.

EASE OF USE: Ease of use is a staple of KEYENCE sensors and the PR-G Series is no exception. The integration of a highly visible light indicator allows for the output status to be easily determined from a distance. Sensitivity adjustment is also easy to perform with a built-in trimmer. In addition, the diffuse reflective and retro-reflective models contain a 7-segment digital display for accurate calibration based on numeric values. 

Durability, high power, and ease of use make the PR-G Series a stable and lasting solution for endless general-purpose photoeye applications


  • heavy duty metal body
  • detecting distance of up to 30m
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