Generate Flawless Toolpath


Valued for its ability to generate flawless toolpath while delivering ease of use, the Surfcam computer-aided-manufacturing (CAM) solution includes time-saving updates to roughing cycles for milling, turning and mill-turn machining, as well as the prevention of unnecessary CAM regeneration.


The Surfcam Inspection module has been significantly enhanced, bringing many new features to the software. Considerable progress has been made with postprocessor development and NC output through new Code Wizard options. This includes support for Fanuc macros. Users now have full control when editing an Inspection feature, including a calibration technique. They can also determine both feature and properties characteristics.


The Move Point function within the Inspection module has two further options: ‘Fixed Axis,’ and ‘Fixed On Surface,’ providing the ability to align a measurement point along a fixed axis, or a solid face. The Plane Feature command has been enhanced, enabling users to choose to evaluate ‘flatness’ on more than four probe touches.

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