Gill's Oil Debris Sensor


Gill Sensors & Controls recently introduced its new Oil Debris Sensor to provide continuous real-time monitoring of particle contamination in hydraulic and engine oil lubrication systems. The new sensor can trigger an immediate shutdown in cases of large particle build-up or an early warning indication for needed maintenance.

Unlike typical on-line particle counters and contamination sensors on the market, Gill's Oil Debris Sensor incorporates a powerful, high-temperature neodymium magnet that collects debris and keeps it from recirculating through the system, thereby eliminating the possibility of further damage to components.

With two independent channels for particle detection — one for fine metallic debris and the other for larger metallic debris — the sensor offers real-time information on the health of mechanical components that are most reliant on hydraulic lubrication systems.


Typical applications include monitoring:

  • industrial gearboxes
  • diesel engines
  • motorsports
  • marine
  • power generation
  • automotive systems
  • wind turbine gearboxes
  • helicopter gearboxes
  • and more
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