Global Remote Equipment Monitoring System


CYBERWATCH SAT offers satellite wireless hour, alarm and location metering for remote locations.

Machinery is heavily used in remote locations like mines, logging sites, drilling rigs, off shore oil rigs and international ships. These applications typically don’t have cellular or WiFi connectivity and monitoring their usage is expensive and troublesome.

Tackling these dilemmas, the CYBERWATCH SAT provides equipment monitoring from anywhere in the world, without the need for a SIM card or local wireless plan – at less than $40 per month.

CYBERWATCH SAT utilizes the Iridium network and transmits up to six hour meter readings and six alarm readings with GPS location, once per day. This data can then be viewed in the client’s own web portal or have the data sent to a smartphone where it can be exported via DropBox for further manipulation and viewing.

Aside from monitoring data, this clever device can also be used as a hub communicator.

An operator can wirelessly connect his/her smart phone to the device mounted on a piece of equipment. Once connected, the operator can send an email or text message from their smartphone through the SAT device to anywhere in the world - a potentially lifesaving feature.
If a user has the CYBERWATCH SAT’S phone number, they can also text a command to that number. When the command is received, the device will respond with the hour meter, alarm and location data back to the phone that made the inquiry.



  • 2 separate hour meter inputs
  • 2 separate alarm inputs
  • Alarm inputs: connect to temperature sensors, pressure sensors, voltage sensors, engine sensors---all with threshold trip points to monitor alarm condition
  • Up to 3 separate input modules
  • GPS
  • Weatherproof
  • Voltage input range: 8-14VDC
  • Optional high voltage converter: Converts: 24-36-48VDC input to 12VDC
  • Optional AC relay interface: Allows for monitoring of 120/240V AC powered machinery
  • Enclosure size: 3.75 x 5.25 x 1.25 in.



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