Goertz Balanced Symmetrical Power System


Balanced Power Systems have been used for several decades in the motion picture and recording studios. The new Goertz Power System is priced so that it can be afforded by anyone interested in high fidelity sound and sharp, crystal clear images. The transformer is potted in epoxy compound inside a round steel enclosure with an outside finish of scratch-resistant, off-white powder coated enamel. The Goertz Power System has a two-foot long cord with North American style three-prong plug to be connected to a wall outlet and at the output side a two-foot cord with a grounded receptacle that may be connected to a power strip as required.

The outside diameter of the housing ranges from 5 1/8” diameter for the 300VA, 6 5/8” for the 600VA to 8 ¼” for the 1000VA with a height of 2 ¾” for the two smaller and 3.0” for the largest model. The weight is 8 lbs, 13 lbs and 20 lbs respectively.

The Goertz Power System is supplied with a bracket for easy single-screw wall mounting. With its sleek design and neutral color, it will nicely blend in any type of home theater or other room interior. The unit can also be installed on a component or rack- mount base plate using the threaded insert on its rear surface. List prices of the three Goertz models are $285.00 for the 300VA, $355.00 for the 600VA and $433.00 for the 1000VA model.

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