Goff’s Aluminum Repair Bay


Are YOU Prepared for ALUMINUM??


Manufacturers of aluminum vehicles have set guidelines for repairing their vehicles, including creation of a Work area separation / isolation system.  Aluminum vehicles undergoing repairs must be able to be separated from vehicles undergoing steel repairs in order to prevent cross contamination from compromising the repair and Goff’s is here to help!



Goff’s Aluminum Repair Bay



  • Clear “Tent style” curtain top attaches to your existing building truss or shop ceiling via “Single point” drop-down connection
  • 20 mil double polished clear top allows for existing light to be used within the bay
  • 4 sided / 2 curtain Goff Curtain Wall station with full hook & loop closures and floor sweeps for maximum contaminant separation
  • Full “Drive through” configuration makes vehicle entrance & exiting easy
  • (4) 90 degree curves with channel track configuration gives excellent curtain storage flexibility
  • Available in “Floor mount” or “Suspend from ceiling” mounting options
  • All materials meet NFPA-701 fire resistance tests & are certified for collision repair use.
  • Curtain top is wedge-welded and pitched to reduce dirt and dust entrapment and promote self-cleaning.


Options Available:

  • Wind or draft tie downs with stainless steel hook & nylon strap.
  • Tiebacks to hold the curtain in place when not in use.
  • Custom logos for your company name, trademarks, slogans, products, etc.
  • Removable filter panels
  • Solid vinyl, all clear, all weldview panels available.
  • Additional colors available.



  • Low cost / High value solution for becoming “Aluminum Repair” compliant
  • Easy installation
  • Avoid costly reworks by implementing proper area separation
  • No complicated or expensive roof framework required
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