Going green with RollerForks®


One of several new innovations from Dutch attachment manufacturer, MSE-Forks, is their RollerForks® which are helping companies go-green through pallet-less shipping. RollerForks simply replace standard lift truck forks and can be used as regular forks for pallet handling as well as for handling slipsheeted goods, bagged goods, FIBC’s, cartons, gaylords, tires and more. These forks have become very popular among companies who are looking to reduce pallet use, lower transport costs and increase shipment volume. These forks make it easy to implement pallet-less handling in an effort to reduce environmental impact.
RollerForks have floating roller cartridges built into each fork. The cartridges have two layers of rollers. When the forks are set down onto the floor, the upper rollers elevate above the fork surface. When the truck moves, the rollers spin in opposite directions, allowing them to easily creep under the load. When lifted, all rollers drop below the fork surface and the blades become virtually the same as any standard fork tines.
Since they do not use hydraulics, risk of oil contamination to food products from the attachment is non-existent. Other advantages when compared to hydraulic push-pull units;
• They do not require a dedicated forklift
• Little, if any, affect on truck capacity
• Do not hinder visibility (they’re just like normal forks)
• No risks of oil leaks or contamination in food environments
• Lower investment cost vs. push-pull type system
• Greater versatility – can be used like normal forks
• Low life cycle costs (very easy to maintain)
• Virtually maintenance free
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