“Goods to Person” Picking


The Geek Picking System realizes goods-to-person picking by enabling robots to carry shelves which improve productivity and lower labor costs. The system includes Geek robots, a backstage control system, a standard picking station, and a charging station.


The system is suitable for multi-SKU, normal-size goods picking operation, and operating warehouse could be tens of thousands of square meters. The system can be applied in E-commerce, retail, 3PL, medical, clothing, food, daily consumables, manufacturing, automobile, etc.


  • Stable Lifting and Carrying
  • Flexible Intelligent Scheduling
  • Advanced Automatic Charging
  • Accurate Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance 
  • Lower Cost: Decrease 50 to 70% labor 
  • Rapid ROI: 2 to 3 years' payback period
  • Fast Deployment: Completed within 3 months
  • Great Flexibility: Lower investment risk effectively
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