Gore Expanded PTFE Fabric


CS Hyde Company now offers W.L. Gore Expanded PTFE fabric. Expanded PTFE fabric is totally inert and its PTFE fibers possess high strength, exhibit low shrinkage and resist abrasion. They also offer excellent resistance to degradation from ultraviolet rays. This combination of characteristics ensures stability and integrity in extreme environments. This material is thermally and mechanically stable over a variety of temperatures and conditions. Expanded PTFE’s resistance to chemicals and abrasion, combined with its ability to withstand high and low temperature extremes, makes it highly effective the transport and sealing of industrial fluids. This material also works well for filtration applications since its pores allow air to pass through while trapping particles. Its unique chemical inertness and thermal stability make it suitable for filtration conditions where exposure to harsh chemicals or temperatures exist. This material is sold by the lineal foot. CS Hyde’s woven PTFE with PTFE is .015” thick and comes 29.5” wide. This material is waterproof and is suitable for extended outdoor use. The woven PTFE satin is available .010” thick at 45” wide. It’s made from 100% high strength expanded PTFE fibers.

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