GPS Enabled High Definition P660 IR Camera


The FLIR P660 uses an advanced, highly-sensitive detector for non-contact scanning across wide areas. Camera controls and software make it easy to quickly scan for emissivity and object temperature differences—differences that can signal trouble in electrical systems and infrastructure. FLIR's exclusive TRIPLEFUSION technology makes it easy to create compelling reports and communicate trouble spots to your team. Simply move, resize, and reshape IR images inside images you take with the P660's integral 3.2 Mpixel camera. What's more, the P660 camera supports thermal fusion, which lets you control the right level of infrared and visible light detail in your images. Infrared and visible light images taken with the P660 can be stored in standard JPEG formats. In addition, the P660 takes full-radiometric video clips to further boost productivity of IR inspections. Get More IR Camera Features •Tag your infrared images with FLIR’s (GPS) and Google Earth to save time. •Make IR surveys convenient and safe through WLAN remote control & display. •Choose full FLIR Fusion detail to see faulty spots inside visible light images. •Fine-tune IR images with Dynamic Details Enhancement (DDE). •Capture high-quality visible light images with the 3.2 megapixel camera & lamp.
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