Great Force Handling Systems


Expanding its range of the EPS YZ standard systems, the EPS giga YZ can apply 255N press-in forces, while the slightly larger EPS tera YZ can apply 1,024N. This means that the user has sufficient power available for press-fitting tasks.


The boom systems are ideal for fast movement of high payloads. The EPS giga YZ moves up to 15 kg and the EPS tera YZ up to 20 kg. The high payload does not influence the repeat accuracy of up to +/-0.02 mm. Standard weight compensation is available for Z-strokes of up to 500 mm, which ensures even shorter cycle times.


Both systems are powerful and fast: In a 1.5-second pick & place cycle, consisting of six consecutive movements and a gripping time of two times 100 ms, the systems move a payload of 10 kg by 100 mm on the Y axis and 100 mm on the Z axis. The YZ stiffness is responsible for the high precision of the systems, which is made possible by an optimum slide contour of the individual axes.


Further advantages of the handling systems are their very small width and height. At just 180 mm in width, the energy chain, the optional external distance measuring system, and the weight compensation are all taken into account.


EPS giga YZ:

 Stroke Y100 mm200 mm300 mm400 mm500 mm
Stroke Z      
100 mm 15 kg15 kg12.5 kg10 kg9 kg
200 mm 15 kg12.5 kg10 kg9 kg8 kg
300 mm 12.5 kg10 kg9 kg8 kg7.5 kg
400 mm 10 kg9 kg8 kg7.5 kg

2.5 kg

500 mm 9 kg8 kg7.5 kg2.5 kg1 kg


  • Rigid slide contour facilitates precise press-in tasks
  • Rapid movement of payloads weighing up to 15 kg with a precision of +/-0.02 mm
  • System width including energy chain, travel measuring system and mass compensation of just 180 mm


EPS tera YZ:


 Stroke Y100 mm200 mm300 mm400 mm500 mm
Stroke Z      
100 mm 20 kg20 kg15 kg12.5 kg10 kg
200 mm 20 kg15 kg12.5 kg10 kg9 kg
300 mm 15 kg12.5 kg10 kg9 kg8 kg
400 mm 12.5 kg10 kg9 kg8 kg

5 kg

500 mm 10 kg9 kg8 kg5 kg2 kg


  • Peak force of up to 1,024 N
  • For shortest cycle times with payloads of up to 20 kg
  • Lowest standard system in its class, including energy chain
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