Grinder/Shredder Feed Conveyors Offer Tramp Metal Protection


NEWTON, KS – Grinder/Shredder Feed Conveyors from Bunting Magnetics Co. catch both ferrous and nonferrous metal contaminants in conveyed material before they damage grinders or ruin product. These integrated dual-function units are designed to detect tramp metal in virgin plastics, rubber, and recycled materials and can also be used for monitoring parts. They combine a versatile Bunting Conveyor with any of three optional Bunting Metal Detectors that sense all conductive metals and have self-diagnostics for easy adjustment and reliable operation. All three detectors feature triple-coil, high-frequency metal detection systems with Product-Effect Compensation and EMI/RFI filters for high sensitivity and accuracy.


Because they can be outfitted with three different metal detectors to suit users’ specific needs, Grinder/Shredder Feed Conveyers can handle a wide range of applications. For example, when coupled with an economical low-profile SL-Coil or flat S-Coil Detector – both of which install directly beneath the conveyor belt – metal contaminants as small as a ¼-inch nut can be detected in bulk materials at a 4-inch distance from the coil surface.


Bunting high-performance tunnel-shaped C-Coil detectors are also compatible with the Grinder/Shredder Feed Conveyor, further enlarging its applications to include packaged materials as well as bulk – while providing reliable detection of all conductive metals. The Grinder/Shredder Feed Conveyor’s monitoring function provides a time-and-space-saving solution to preventing equipment damage.


Grinder/Shredder Feed Conveyors come in a convenient range of standard lengths, and are available with belt widths from 12 to 60 inches. Additional belt colors and styles are available on request. Standard are 6-inch-high side guards with wipers, designed to keep material on the conveyor, off the floor, and from getting under belts.


Variable speed drives, optional motor starters, and additional features are also available on request.

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