Grinding Fluid Filtration System


Rush introduces newly redesigned high performance filtration systems. Designed to integrate with most grinding, lapping and honing machines in use today, the FC-300 Filtration System provides continuous filtration, automatic back flush and clean fluid on demand to your machines.     

The enhanced capabilities and features of the Rush Filtration Systems include:

•    The ability to filter oil or water-based coolant using edge filtration technology.  Oil can be filtered to a one micron particle size and water to a five micron (nominal) particle size.  This provides for improved surface finishes, extends the life of grinding wheels and fluids, and reduces machine maintenance.

•    Filtration systems for water utilize stainless steel edge filtration elements and vessels that never need replacing.

•    On multi-vessel systems, vessels are automatically back-flushed individually to provide a constant supply of clean fluid during the regeneration cycle.

•    Balanced clean and dirty fluid tank sizes ensure separation of clean and dirty fluid during automatic regeneration of filter elements.

•    Compact system footprint.  Customized systems to fit your machines and shop floor layout.

•    Single and multi-pump configurations are available for clean fluid delivery to your machine tools.  

•    All components are designed and located for ease of maintenance.

•    An optional cooling system can be incorporated to ensure optimal grinding oil temperature.

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