gripper components for large and heavy components & assemblies


FIPA Inc. has supplemented its range of gripper components with this new size – this includes angular and cross clamps, angle arms and suction fingers. The new    connectors of the material flow experts from Atlanta, Georgia are  particularly suitable for gripper systems that need to handle large    and heavy components or assemblies.
While developing the new gripper components, the designers at FIPA have taken great care    to ensure that they are not merely compatible with all FIPA components, but also with the extrusion systems and components of    other manufacturers, which are used frequently in gripper    technology. This applies to the clamps of 30 mm diameter as well as    to the angle arms and suction fingers. New size plus other benefits:    
• The angle and cross clamps are available in different weight   classes for the FIPA extrusion systems, Sline, MLine and XLine. Hence, they can be used in gripper systems that are designed for loads both above and below five kilograms.   
• The slot holes of the universal angular clamps ensure compatibility to extrusion systems having spacing of 20 to 30 millimeters.   
• The large adjustment range of the adjustable angular clamps guarantees the maximum possible flexibility while positioning the gripper components.    
• In the case of rigid angle clamps, an Allen key / hexagonal    head screw ensures secure connection of clamps with other components within a compact gripper.
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