Ground Fault Equipment Protector Helps Prevent Costly Shutdowns


Complete line of UL Ground Fault Equipment Protection devices—including an industry "first"—introduce ideal solutions to help prevent costly production shutdowns due to ac and dc pulsating ground faults.


The technology lineup offers three highly engineered series of devices delivering multiple capabilities and promoting reliable protection and operation of equipment wherever ground faults may occur. Ground fault sensitivity levels range from 10 to 500 ma.


Models include:

  • UL 489 Branch Circuit Breaker represents an industry "first" by combining a ground fault equipment protector with a UL 489 Branch Circuit Protector which eliminates the need for upstream circuit protection
  • UL 1053 Ground Fault Sensing and Relaying device provides residual current protection for circuits with loads up to 63 amp
  • UL 1077 Ground Fault Relay with Overload Protection serves as a combined Equipment Ground Fault Relay and Supplementary Protector
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