Grounding Station


The new Cen-Stat™ Grounding Station from Newson Gale provides an extra margin of safety when operations in flammable or explosive atmospheres make static electricity a significant hazard. Being themselves linked to a proven, reliable path to ground, the stations serve a dual purpose: providing a clearly identifiable location for an effective grounding path while also reminding the operators that grounding is essential to safety. Integral signs are included warning: “Danger static hazard” and “Attach grounding clamp.”
Made of SS304L stainless steel these stations are clearly visible and able to resist the effects of corrosive or erosive chemicals while also being suitable for installation in clean rooms.
They are designed to accommodate two general-purpose grounding clamps such as the Cen-Stat™ ATEX and FM X45 and X90 models. They also provide an ideal location to stow the grounding clamps when they are not in use. And, for installations requiring more than two safe connections, two or more stations can be linked together, utilizing the same proven path to ground.


  • Integral signs are included
  • clearly visible
  • suitable for installation in clean rooms
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