GSM/Cell network and GPS interface for the UEIPAC Cube


United Electronic Industries (UEI) announces the release of the DNA-CAR-550 PCIe Mini Card interface board for their popular UEIPAC programmable automation controllers. The DNA-CAR-550 provides a new level of system interconnectivity to the UEIPAC, allowing simple and direct connection to a wide assortment of Cell/CDMA/GSM networks, and Wi-Fi networks.
The board also allows direct connection to the satellite based GPS system.
The DNA-CAR-550 card includes a replacement front-panel to allow for added features and functionality such as: 4-LED annunciator panel, SIM/UIM card slot, and two external SMA RF connectors (also included) for various application-specific antenna requirements.
Because the UEIPAC is based on a standard Linux operating system, software support, and high-quality drivers will be supplied by most USB-Based, Mini Card suppliers; thus opening the UEIPAC up to a host of new applications when combined with the new DNA-CAR-550 board.

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