GT10 Series 6 Driverless Robotic Tow Tractor


GT10 Series 6 tow tractor increases throughput productivity, improves safety, and reduces user labor costs. With vision-guided robotic technology, the unmanned tow tractor automates the movement of flatbed cars, trains or carts.


Series 6 Plus, raises the autonomy level of Seegrid self-driving vehicles by utilizing rear-facing sensors to detect obstacles while autonomously hitching to carts. This vehicle offers fully automated material movement from pick-up to drop-off, removing the need for human assistance to complete tasks.


Users attach the load to the GT10, type in the route on the keypad and the Robotic Industrial Truck travels without wires, tapes, or lasers. From parts-to-line to end-of-line product delivery or inventory pallet moves, the GT10 reduces the cost per move. Extending workforce productivity, improving safety, and lowering operating costs are achieved while providing operations personnel tractor and route control.


  • Reduce long, inefficient manned travel
  •  Integrate safely with workers and equipment, reducing employee injuries and product and facility damage
  •  Set up in hours, not weeks or months
  • Optimize shift productivity: less idle time
  •  Easy to operate; new routes are trained quickly and efficiently



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