Guided Piezo Nanopositioning Stage with Frictionless Z Motion


PIHera Z flexure-guided piezo nanopositioning stages provide vibrationless motion with virtually unlimited resolution and fast response and have record travel ranges of 50 µm to 250 µm (400 µm open-loop).

There are no rolling elements, so there is no bearing rumble, so the motion is smooth and straight.

They are equipped with absolute-measuring direct-metrology capacitance sensors and provide resolution down to 0.1nm, in a compact, FEA optimized package for high stiffness and long lifetime. Direct metrology provides higher stability and linearity compared to inferred metrology feedback – usually based on piezo resistive strain gauges, a technique also available from PI for entry level piezo nanopositioners.


  • Record travel ranges of 50 µm to 250 µm (400 µm open-loop)
  • Positioning Accuracy: 0.02%
  • Resolution down to 0.1nm
  • Temperature tolerance range: 20 to 80 C
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