H Series Industrial Sized Fans


ZOO Fans announces a new line of industrial fans for use in truly high-bay facilities.  These fans can move air from the ceiling to the floor in facilities from 120’ to 140’ high.  Made of 12 -gauge powder-coated steel, the H120 and H14 0 Premium Efficiency EC ZOO Fans combine the patented German engineering behind Ziehl-Abegg’s ZA Plus electrically commutated (EC) motor, their unmatched stator ring/multi-purpose air guide, patented bionic blades and ZOO Fans’ unique housing engineered to move air farther, more efficiently, and more quietly than any fan in its class.  


Multiple control options available:  manual, automatic, BMS integrated, wired, wireless, or a dedicated web-enabled user interface.  Airplane hangars, sports arenas, indoor practice fields—a solution to consider for improving comfort and lowering operating costs.  

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Anonymous, IT/Technology Management, Information Systems
Great product! Easy integration to BMS