H05VV-F Cordage


H05VV-F is a PVC cordage that meets <HAR> H05VV-F approval. It is designed for power supply use on European equipment.
Recommended Applications: Power cordage for European machinery; portable tools; data processing; control systems; commercial appliances; MRO repair for European machinery
Application Advantages: •Meets <HAR> directives for power cordage •MRO replacement cable for European machinery •UV-resistant   


Minimum Bend Radius 10 x cable diameter     Temperature Range -25°C to +60°C     Nominal Voltage: 450/750V     Test Voltage 2500V     Conductor Stranding Class 5 fine wire      Color Code VDE 0293-308: Chart 6     Approvals  <HAR> H07RN-F CE & RoHS

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