Hägglunds Fusion Drive System


2022 NED Innovation Award Winner

Hägglunds Fusion is a drive system that mounts directly on the drive shaft—housing the motor, pump, and controls in the torque arm, allowing for a smaller footprint.


Compact in design, the Fusion places the entire hydraulic drive system on the torque arm—no additional gearbox, foundation or external equipment is needed. With all components in one place, it is easy to install and maintain. Our plug-and-play design provides maximum torque from zero speed along with built-in protection from torque peaks.


The Fusion combines the core of the Hägglunds product line, our low-speed, high-torque direct drive motor, together with a closed loop hydraulic system, which is mounted on the torque arm, to provide a complete drive solution. The customer only needs to mount the drive onto the driven shaft, provide 3-phase power to the main electric motor and air/oil cooler electric motor, connect to the control system and they are up and running. The design was based on prior evolutions of this product called TADS and SCD. Fusion takes the best elements from these designs and refined them to offer a more attractive packaged solution to the market.

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