Handheld Anemometers


The new Climomaster hotwire anemometer offers unparalleled +/- 2% accuracy.  This high level of accuracy is perfect for applications such as cleanroom certification and Product R&D where precision is vital.  Other features include: 20,000 data record storage capacity, backlit LCD display, a slick metallic silver casing complete with anti-slip pad on the back of the instrument, USB interface for easy PC uploads, and an expanded probe line-up featuring new high velocity, high-temperature and miniature probes. 

The new Climomaster is available with a hands-free case that can be comfortably worn by the contractor. This means that only one hand is necessary to hold the probe when taking a measurement. When the instrument is not in use the probe easily sheathes in the case freeing up both hands for other work.    The new Anemomaster line is a metallic dark blue that matches our corporate colors. 

For 2012 we're splitting the line into Professional and Standard versions.  The Professional version offers increased 1,500 record data storage capacity, USB interface and Windows 7 compatible software.  The Standard version is a leaner, affordable version designed for customers on a budget; it retains the same +/- 3% accuracy as the Professional, but has no datalogging capabilities and no PC interface.  Both versions feature easy-to-read backlit LCD screens and new articulating, telescopic probes with enhanced durability.  The AnemomasterTM line is also available with a hands-free case.   Anemomaster LITE is a compact and lightweight unit.  It has a detachable probe for easy replacement or calibration. This model will also be in our corporate dark blue color.  There is also an optional protective case that you can keep the instrument in, even when in use.   Our new anemometers feature an extended 2-year warranty and NIST certificate will be provided.


  • +/- 2% accuracy
  • 20,000 data record storage capacity
  • backlit LCD display

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