Hands-Free Clarity


Designed with both job performance and worker safety in mind, the EOS 360 is a hardhat mounted headlamp that offers be-seen lighting in addition to traditional task lighting. Users in industrial environments will be highly visible thanks to a durable, rubberized band fitted with LEDs and reflective strips that encircle their hardhat. Mounted on the front of the LED band is the top-selling EOS Headlamp for focused hands-free illumination. Both the LED band and the EOS Headlamp offer a variety of modes and function independently from each other.



  • Rubberized LED band provides 360-deg. visibility
  • LED band includes constant on and safety flash modes
  • Highly reflective strips for added visibility
  • Universal construction fits standard and wide brim hardhats
  • EOS Headlamp and LED band function independently
  • Slip-resistant design keeps LED band in-place on hardhat
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